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Babies & Tweenies

Our spacious baby and tweenie room is split into two sections by a dividing wall and safety gate, one for those who can walk, crawl ect, and the other for babies a little less mobile. The baby area has been created with the elements of your own nursery at home, and provides all the facilities, equipment and resources needed to offer you the highest standard in baby care. There are activity centres, swings, play mats, travel cots and over head mobiles. All aimed to stimulate your babies senses and to ensure they feel safe, cared for and comforted.

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The tweenie section focuses around fun and play, we have a sand/ water tray, sensory play, a book corner, a kitchen to entice your child’s imagination and a wide selection of play opportunities to help your child progress in all areas of their development. The tweenie room also provides a safe, homely, stimulating environment where babies can be cared for by our professionally qualified high ratio of staff.

The staff provide total care for the babies/tweenies which includes providing all round development by talking, singing, cuddling and playing. The baby/tweenie room also has its own kitchen workspace, where staff can prepare bottles, snacks and store them safely in the fridge. We believe in making your babies time at nursery as comfortable, stimulating and relaxed as possible. With this we are more than happy to accommodate your baby’s routine and provide for any specific needs they may have.

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