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Keeping Safe
Safety of the children in our care is paramount, and we take the standards of health, care and safety very seriously. By intrusting us with your child, we understand how important it is for you to feel relaxed and confident he/she is being cared for with the very highest safety measures. So we take every precaution to ensure, not only that the nursery building and surroundings are safe and secure, but that staff are appropriately vetted, police checked and referenced and our policies reflect this.
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The nursery
The whole team ensures that the setting, both inside and out is a safe place and that equipment and resources are of highest quality and condition. We introduce simple safety rules to our children as they get older about behaviour and how to stay safe.

We have the highest quality CCTV system installed around nursery, with a camera in each room and outside areas. The rooms can be monitored from both offices, upstairs and down. Record tapes are kept for a maximum of 30 days and will be passed onto police if a serious incident occurs.

Visitors and entering the nursery
The nursery operates a ‘buzzing system’ for anyone wishing to enter the nursery building. Visitors must buzz on the main entrance door where they will be greeted by a member of staff over the telecom. If the member of staff is familiar with the visitor, he/she will allow them entry, otherwise the manager will answer the door personally. There is also a second locked door by the manager’s office where they will need to be granted access by a member of staff.

Evacuation in an emergency
In the event of an emergency where children and staff must vacate the building, a specially organized route is given to each room and displayed on their notice boards. This also includes an alternative route incase the first is unsafe. The staffs are all trained in emergency evacuation and procedure and the nursery undergoes regular fire drills to prepare children in case of an emergency.

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