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Toddlers (2-3yrs)

This room is for children 2-3 years within a staff ratio of 1:4. Your child will be catered for as an individual with their own personality, we will encourage your child to develop at their own pace, learning through fun and fascinating activities set out each day.

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In this age group your child will meet many important milestones, to help achieve these important targets your child will have access to a wide variety of activities. All activities are set out within structured themes enabling children to learn through play, with the support of the staff and parents. Each day there are many different activities available for your child to play with. These activities are changed from the morning session to the afternoon, to give the children a wide variety of developmental opportunities. Here is just some of the fun your child will have at Springwood Nursery!

  • There is a craft area where we have, painting, cutting, sticking, play dough, clay, salt dough, gloop and baking on offer each day.
  • We have a drawing / writing table where the children can develop fine motor skills. Various writing tools are available for example crayons, chalks and pencils.
  • There is either water or sand trays on offer, which are both favourite choices with our children.
  • There is a puzzle table, which helps the children with fine manipulative skills and problem solving.
  • There is also a home corner where the children can enjoy role-play.
  • The book corner is popular for quiet times, looking at books or listening to stories read by an adult.
  • A ball pool and soft play area, where the children have lots of fun learning gross motor skills such as, jumping, rolling, stretching and balancing.
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