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Established for over 38 years, we know how important it is to provide the highest standards for you and your child. As a parent or guardian, we understand that choosing the right day care for your family is a huge decision and we take the responsibility of caring for your little ones very seriously. We are always here to help, to answer your questions and to accommodate your family’s unique requirements in any way we can.


  • include all children in all of our routines and activities and to adapt these where necessary for total inclusion.
  • help children to acquire knowledge, skills and practical abilities relevant to their needs, and the will to use them.
  • help children to develop lively enquiring minds and the ability to question and communicate.
  • develop confidence, awareness of self and consideration to others.
  • promote all round development; physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social, of all children in the Nursery.
  • develop habits of self-discipline and acceptable behaviour.
  • pass on to Infant Schools children who are eager, thirsty and with a willingness to excel in all areas of learning.
  • build positive and trusting relationships with children and parents.
  • provide a safe, secure and happy atmosphere where children are exited to spend time with us.
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