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0 months – 24 months

A warm, nurturing, homely environment that offers quality and flexibility

Our baby room team provide exceptional care in an environment designed with elements of your own nursery to create a homely feel for babies. The room is unique in terms of its facilities, experiences and activities offered.

Our sensory section has been carefully set up to stimulate and encourage babies’ development. This includes soft play, musical activities and exposure to play with different textures.

A variety of activites

We believe in making your baby’s time at the nursery as comfortable, stimulating and relaxing as much as possible. Our key person approach enables this; during the settling in visits, your child’s key person will establish their routine. These individual routines such as sleeping, mealtimes and weaning are incorporated from home into their day at the nursery.

For older babies, we offer varied activities such as construction, jigsaws, small world and more. The children gain valuable experiences from messy and creative activities such as sand and water, painting, baking, glueing and sticking.

The baby room has its own well-equipped areas for nappy changing and bottle feeding. We provide nutritional home-cooked meals from our fully trained and experienced chef. Any allergy or particular need is catered for, understanding every child is individual.

Outdoor play is also an essential part of our day. Our babies have their own outdoor space, which is safe and secure with a range of equipment to offer physical and sensory experiences. Much of our children’s day is spent outside in our rich learning environment.

We also provide walks locally and adventures to surrounding places. Interesting opportunities for the children include visits to the library, park and garden centres. These places are a major part of our routine.

A fun filled day in our baby room


Breakfast and Free Play. The children can choose toys that they enjoy playing with. The children’s favourite toys include the cars and dolls. The children enjoy rolling the cars to each other. 


Circle Time. Here, we sing our welcome song to all the children and then sing a few favourite songs that the children enjoy to sing. 


Free Play. During this time, they can access our sensory tray which has a selection of textures we can explore. We enjoy the water tray with the jugs and sieves. 


Snack time. The children enjoy a variety of snacks, these include: toast or a range of fresh fruit. Take a look at our sample menu here.


Activity time or Outside Play. This is where we do our activities based on the children’s interests, this can be anything from painting to playing with playdough. The children also enjoy exploring the outside where we look at nature or play on the play equipment.  


Song and Story Time. In this time, we read our favourite books and sing our favourite rhymes such as, twinkle twinkle little star and the itsy bitsy spider. 


Lunch Time. The children enjoy a lovely, nutritious meal and a healthy pudding. Take a look at our sample menu here.


Nap Time or Quite Time. Our children can have a rest and get ready for the afternoon. For the children who are awake, we have a variety of quiet activities such as drawing and jigsaws.


Nappy Time. 


Activity Time and Outdoor Play. We follow each child’s own individual interest and let them choose whether they want to paint or create a picture using glue and paper. 


Song and Rhyme Time. We sing some number rhymes and active songs. 


Snack Time. The children enjoy many different types of snacks like beans and toast, fish pie, soup and pizza for the older babies! Take a look at our sample menu here.


Free Play. The children can choose what they want to play with until they are collected to go home.


Nappy time. 

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