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2 years – 3 years

A warm, nurturing, homely environment that offers quality and flexibility

This room is for children 2-3 years old with a staff ratio of 1:4.

Our two-year-olds are highly curious and keen to explore and discover more about their world. They are creative thinkers who have a ‘can-do’ attitude to life. They have a strong drive to do things for themselves whilst at the same time needing consistency of routines and caring adults who understand them.

Our key person approach ensures that your child’s needs are catered for. The key person will gather important information about your child and plan challenging but enjoyable experiences across all seven areas of learning, paying special attention to the three prime areas which are particularly important for young children from birth to three years.

Learning through play

In this age group, there are many important milestones. In order to help achieve these targets, your child will have access to a wide variety of activities. All activities are within structured themes enabling children to learn through play, with the support of the staff and parents.

We provide a language-rich environment both indoor and outdoor, some of the fun your child will have at springwood nursery!

Mark making area where the children can develop fine motor skills. Various writing tools are available, for example, crayons, chalks and pencils.

Messy play with sensory exploration, e.g. water play, or sand play chalkboards, finger painting, gloop, play dough etc. These are favourite choices with our children.

There is a puzzle table, and this offers opportunities to develop early vocabulary, fine motor skills and problem-solving.

There is also a home corner where the children can enjoy role-play using imaginative play toys such as dressing –up clothes, doll’s house, tea set, garage, castle, airport, farm etc.

The reading area allows children to enjoy their favourite stories to be read by an adult or looking at books.

We have a large outdoor space which is stimulating and well-resourced with bikes, climbing frames and wheelbarrow.


And when our toddlers require a rest, we have a sleeping room where they can enjoy a quiet afternoon nap.

Your Childs Progress

Between the ages of 2 – 2 1/2, we conduct the two-year progress check; working in conjunction with the parent and health professionals, we identify the child’s progress, strengths and needs at this age in order to promote positive outcomes in health and wellbeing, learning and development.


A fun filled day in our Toddler room 


Breakfast and Free Play. We enjoy playing with the dinosaurs and the cars and track as well as with natural materials.


Messy Activities. Toddlers can access messy activities including paint, shaving foam and toothpaste play. We use the jugs and measuring cylinders to fill and empty containers in the water.


Snack time. Our favourite snack is toast. Take a look at our sample menu here.


Outdoor Play. We enjoy rolling the hoops and playing with the balls through kicking and catching. We like to ride bikes on our racing track. 


Nappy time.


Circle Time. The children really enjoy sharing their favourite stories and singing nursery rhymes using Makaton. 


Lunch time. Take a look at our sample menu here.


Nap time. 


Nappy time.


Activity Time. We have a range of activities including baking, playing with playdough, music time, jigsaws, playing with sand and outdoor play. 


Tea Time.  Take a look at our sample menu here.


Free Play. We access our equipment and resources independently. We like to use the mark-making equipment to draw and make lots of marks.

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