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Tapestry learning journal is a record of each child’s learning and shows snapshots of children’s achievements and progress in relation to the EYFS.

Tapestry allows you to see what your child has been doing at a time that is convenient for you and, if you view it with your child, it will encourage them to talk about their day at nursery.  You can also make comments and tell us what you have noticed your child doing at home.  Your contributions are crucial as the assessment of a child’s ability is very much collaboration between home and school.

Tapestry also allows relatives who do not live with the child to see what they’ve been up to, and we can use it to ensure the children are making the expected progress.  The website is username and password protected.

Tapestry FAQs

Yes, registered parents and relatives can add things to the learning journals; You can also reply to observations staff have made.

Only staff at Springwood nursery can see all of the children’s learning journeys. Only registered parents and relatives can access to see your children’s journal. Occasionally there may be children in the background of photos, or children may be working together.


If you do not wish your child to be on photos that may appear in other learning journals, please let us know.

You just need your username – which is the email address you have given us and the password that you set up the first time you log on.

You can either go through the web page or download the app.

As a registered parent or relative, you can add comments, photos or small video clips. These can include things like:

  • Have you had any special visitors?
  • Anything you have made at home?
  • Any special celebrations at home?
  • Or anything else you would like to share with us?

When your child leaves, we will export the journal to a PDF and provide this on a USB stick for you to keep!

You will be able to purchase a Haven USB with all their memories from reception.  Alternatively, your child’s journal will also be transferred to their new school if they also use Tapestry so you can continue the journey there.