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3 years – 5 years

A warm, nurturing, homely environment that offers quality and flexibility

Our pre-school room is designed for children from the age of three years. The pre-school environment aims to help make children’s transition from nursery to school as smooth as possible.  We strive to ensure that our pre-school is the best it can possibly be.

Our team, which includes a qualified early years teacher who works with the children and is knowledgeable in the Early Years Foundation Stage, we are committed to enriching your child’s development whilst having a fantastic time playing and learning.

Our approach to teaching and learning involves providing children with a safe and enabling environment to support their interests. This encourages children’s natural desire to explore and learn. Each day is filled with fun and laughter as children are given the opportunity to explore in a stimulating, fun and safe environment.

Enhanced learning and development

We have several areas within the room to enhance children’s learning and development. All areas are fully resourced. We encourage independence throughout our pre-school, allowing the children to make choices, develop and enhance their social skills.

The pre-school environment provides the children with an abundance of play opportunities through direct experience.

We have a mark-making area to encourage all our children to begin their writing and drawing skills, a home corner to encourage and enhance our children’s confidence, a maths area to encourage their problem-solving skills, a construction area for their gross and fine motor skills and as well as physical development.

The ‘cosy’ corner is filled with a wide variety of story and reference books to encourage your child to explore the world of language and literature.

Our little artists have access to craft and messy opportunities such as model making with playdough, clay, cardboard, paper and glue; experimenting with sand and water; marbling, painting, as well as tabletop activities such as drawing, colouring, chalking, tracing, cutting and much more!

The home corner is a haven for imaginative play such as dressing up, puppet shows, and role-play in our pretend shop, dental hospital, doctors, hairdressers and many more fantastic role play area ideas.

The children are provided with structured learning of reading, writing and numeracy. Our staff ‘tune in to’ children and their developmental needs and plan activities according to their interests bearing in mind each child’s individual stage of development through a wide range of activities each day. These activities can either be in groups or on a one-to-one basis with their key worker.


The list of activities used at group times is endless but here is a selection of some of our regular activities:

  • News time
  • Tumble tots
  • Phonics
  • Number work
  • Singing
  • Stories
  • Days of the week,
  • Months of the year
  • Seasons
  • Patterns and shapes
  • Colours

Our children also engaged in cooking, and we have opportunities to plant and grow our own vegetables in our garden.

Our children have access to the garden throughout the day, and the children explore their surroundings. We go on local trips within our community; we visit places of interest such as the fire station, the farm, care home for the elderly, the dentist, the florist and the museum etc.

A fun filled day in our Preschool


Breakfast and Free Play. We enjoy choosing our breakfast and tidying our dishes away after we have finished. 


Activities and Free Play. We enjoy mixing our own paint to create pieces of artwork and investigation activities, such as what happens to ice when it melts.


Snack time. Some of our favourite snacks are sliced apple, pears and crackers. Take a look at our sample menu here.


Outdoor play. We enjoy using the large crates and construction materials to make our own dens, planting seeds and watching them grow and using the large climbing frame.


Storytime or Phonics. We use phonic games such as looking around the room for items that begin with a certain sound.


Lunchtime. The children love cottage pie, cod in mushroom sauce and cream potatoes with mushroom peas. Take a look at our sample menu here.


Free Play or Activities. We access our own resources and equipment. We enjoy making play dough and lots of creative activities such as cutting or colouring and using sand and water.


Outdoor play. We like to play ring games such as farmers in the den.


Tea time. Take a look at our sample menu here.


Free Play. We access lots of resources and play with the small world equipment, read stores and do role play. 

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