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At Springwood Nursery School, we recognise the importance of a healthy lifestyle and diet. We believe that establishing a balanced diet in childhood helps establish healthy eating habits for life. It is important for a child’s physical growth as well as their general development, including the ability to learn new skills such as hand washing, table manners and interactions with each other.

Mealtimes provide social interaction, the opportunity to learn about sharing and having a meal with others, using knives and forks, and about healthy eating and food.  From as early as possible, your child will be encouraged to be independent and have freedom of choice by feeding themselves or choosing from a selection of fruit at snack or vegetables at lunchtime.

Home-cooked Meals

Our home-cooked well-balanced meals are varied, nutritious and healthy, and they are freshly made daily by our widely experienced chef.

We are very proud that Springwood Nursery received a five-star environmental health rating from Warrington Council. All practitioners receive food hygiene training, and we keep fully up to date with any new regulations.


  • We operate a 3-week rota updated every term.
  • Breakfast is served from 7.30 am to 8.45 am, a fresh fruit snack at 10.00 am,
  • lunch from 11.30 am and tea from 3.30 pm.

Water and milk are supplied at all meals and throughout the day as requested.

We are more than happy to cater for any religious, cultural or special dietary requirements you may have for your child.

Sample Menu

Monday*Crackers with Jam *Contains Gluten Milk or Water *Pasta Carbonara with Sweetcorn & **Garlic Bread Fresh Fruits *contains Milk, Celery, Gluten ** contains Gluten *Homemade Tomato & Cheese Pizza *contains Gluten, Milk
TuesdayFresh Fruits Milk or WaterChicken, Leek & Potato Pie with Carrots *Homemade Oat Cookies *contains Eggs, Gluten Baked Beans on Wholemeal Toast *contains Gluten
WednesdayCarrot & Cucumber Sticks Milk or Water *Cod in mushroom Sauce & creamed Potatoes with Garden Peas **Yoghurts *contains Fish & Milk **contains Milk *Creamy Tomato Pasta Bake *contains Milk, Gluten
ThursdayFresh Fruits Milk or Water Savoury mince, Roast Potatoes with Carrots & Swede *Coconut Sponge ** contains Gluten, eggs, Milk Ham & *Cheese Tortilla wraps with Salad *contains Gluten, Milk
Friday*Breadsticks & Cheese *contains Gluten, Milk Milk or Water *Chicken Curry with Rice & Peas Fresh Fruits *contains Mustard *Lentil and Bacon Soup *contains Celery, Milk
  Snack Lunch Snack Tea