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Outdoor Learning

The outdoors can offer children:

  • Access to space with opportunities to be their natural, exuberant, physical and noisy self
  • Fresh air and direct experience of how the elements of the weather feel
  • Contact with natural and living things to maintain their inborn affinity, curiosity and fascination with all things belonging to the natural world
  • Freedom to be inquisitive, exploratory, adventurous, innovative and messy
  • A vast range of authentic experiences that are relevant and meaningful and that make sense
  • Endless opportunities for discovery play and talk so that new experiences can be processed and understood, and used
  • An environment that feeds information into all the senses at the same time
  • Involvement with the whole body giving deeply felt meanings and all-round physical health
  • Movement experiences that develop essential structures within the brain and nervous system
  • Emotional and mental wellbeing, where self-image and esteem grow
  • Social interactions that build relationships, communication, social skills, and the enjoyment of being with others
  • Lots of opportunities to set themselves challenges and to learn how to keep themselves safe
  • A place that meets the way they learn best and allows them to express feelings

Loose Parts & Open-Ended Resources

Our environment is full of interesting open-ended resources that children can use in many different ways. There are baskets of shells, boxes, tubes, pebbles, cones, fabrics and interesting reclaimed materials.  Our staff can stand back to allow children to take the learning in their own direction while being close at hand to support and challenge where this is required.  Our observation is that children tend to show how creative and critical they can be while at the same time discovering, collaborating with themselves and taking a risk.

Safe and Sound

The safety of the children in our care is paramount, and we take the standards of health, care and safety very seriously. By entrusting us with your child, we understand how important it is for you to feel relaxed and confident that they are being cared for with the very highest safety measures in place. We take every precaution to ensure not only that the nursery building and surroundings are safe and secure but that staff are appropriately vetted, police-checked and referenced as part of our policies.


The whole team ensure the setting, both inside and outside, is safe and that the equipment and resources are of the highest quality and condition. We introduce simple safety rules to our children as they get older about behaviour and staying safe.